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located at
151 N. Sierra,
Reno, Nevada  
Welcome to the Home Page of
ClassicNevada Stamps
...I hope you enjoy this little bit of Philatelic fun and make it
a regular part of your stamp collecting experience.  I like
stamps and if you don't, well just surf on out of here.  If you
are interested in basic stamp collecting, with reasonable
prices and good service, please stay and check out what
is available.
I will try to keep this site current, relevant, and interesting
and hope that you will enjoy coming back to visit (and
buy!)  If you enjoyed something in the past on this page, I
will try to keep it archived.  Please contact me with wish
lists and special requests and I will see what I can do.  
If you see a link to another site, it is because I think it
might provide something you will be interested in.   
Among other things we offer in our space inside the Antique Mall are two, so-called
"penny" boxes.  One of the boxes offers stamps on paper for 2c per stamp.  The
other one is world wide stamps, off-paper for just 5c each.  You can find some
AMAZING deals in these bins!

There are also FDC boxes, plate blocks an sheets of stamps, with many more
available if you will let us know what you are looking for.

And as always, in addition to having stamp hinges, we have a LARGE selection of
Showgard mounts available for your immediate purchase without having to wait for
them to arrive via "snail-mail."
Classic Nevada Stamps and Supplies                  775
Your Portal to Philately in Northern Nevada
ClassicNevada &
Stamps & Supplies
Northern Nevada's Only Stamp Store
Stamps & Supplies
151 N. Sierra
is the only stamp store in
Northern Nevada.
(775) 762-4905
There is generally someone
who can value collections or
give information on stamps   
by appointment.
Store Hours 10 to 6
Every Day
Because we have a nice
space located insid
e the
Antiques & Treasures
in downtown Reno, Nevada
and are open 7 days a week
to serve your Philatelic
Antiques & Treasures
is conveniently located at
151 N. Sierra
Reno, NV 89501   
one block west of Virginia
Street, between 1st and 2nd.

Supplies such as
hinges,Showgard Mounts,
Albums, Tongs and
Magnifying Glasses are
ALWAYS available at this
We also have a lot of modern
sheets of stamps on display
and for sale as well as "penny
boxes" and FDCs!
(775) 762-4905
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You Can't Lick Stamp Collecting
Our bookcases hold a plethora of philatelic
material including:  Stock books, empty
albums, new and used albums (with and
without stamps) older Scott catalogues (at
really good prices), kiloware, Books about
Stamps, Stamp ephemera, old covers,
binders, "Golden Replicas of US Stamps!"
(These albums make GREAT FDC holders!!!)
2 gumball machines that dispense
stamps instead of candy are a real treat
for both kids and adventursome adults.  
50c gives you a 2" capsule full of 25
world wide stamps in one machine, You
never know WHAT you are going to get!
The Other machine delivers a single
forever stamp for use in mailing letters at
the U.S. Post Office Next Door!
The Nevada Stamp
Study Society
has a new web page!
In Addition, our space in the Antique Mall (as well as our
presence online) is being reorganized and ENLARGED to
provide access to the Stamps & Supplies that you have been
asking for.  (it might actually get...ORGANIZED!!!)
28 W. 2nd Street
between Virginia & Sierra
(next to Pizza Reno)
Special SALE:      Only 1 Available
American Air Mail Catalogue from 1998,
priced at $66 and up on this
important philatelic resource can be yours for
$50 including shipping!
762 4905
This Location is
Because of a
Drastic RENT Increase!
Please come to Our store
at 151 n. Sierra to play with
Two Volume Set of the
Philatelic History of the
United States can be yours
for$125 which includes
shipping! This is the history
of the US, told in Stamps!